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Birth control methods


Birth control is a way of ensuring that one does not get pregnant until they are ready to have children. In these harsh economic times, one will have to control the number of children they want to have so that they can take care of them properly. There are various methods of birth control that one should consider as discussed in this article.

Hormonal contraceptives

Under this type of birth control, there are many choices that one can make


This is a medicine that has hormones and is taken daily to affect the way the hormones work in your body. They work by ensuring that ovulation does not take place hence no fertilization will occur. Pills do not prevent one from getting sexually transmitted hormones.

Hormonal patch

It is a transdermal patch worn on the skin of the upper thigh, hand or the butt. It has hormones that are released into the body via the skin. The hormones help in controlling the ovulation hence stop pregnancy.

Birth control shot

This is an injection given in intervals of three months. It helps prevent pregnancy by ensuring that ovulation does not happen and also makes the cervical mucus thick hence difficult for sperm to get through to the ovum.



Implants are tiny rods that are inserted in the upper part of the arm to periodically release hormones into the body to prevent one from becoming pregnant. It releases progestin hormone which causes the cervical mucus to thicken hence stop the sperm from fertilizing the ovum. One should know that implants do not prevent any sexually transmitted infections.


The condom is a rubber sheath that is worn by a male or a female on their sexual organs to help stop the sperms and the ovum from meeting. The main advantage of using condoms is that they can be used in any day of the cycle and are helpful in preventing many sexually transmitted infections. The female condom is also gaining popularity nowadays.

Intrauterine devices

Commonly known as IUD, they help in preventing pregnancy by changing the movement of sperm so that it does not reach the ovum. It comes in a t-shape and inserted in the vagina. It is the best long-term method and its effects are easily reversible.


  • This can be done by either male or female


Vasectomy is done by the males. This is a surgical procedure which involves tying or cutting the tubes that carry sperm from the scrotum. The cutting makes it a permanent method of controlling pregnancy. However, one is not safe from sexually transmitted infections.

Tubal ligation

This is done by the females. It is also a surgical process that involves cutting the fallopian tubes so that it prevents an egg from meeting the sperm. One will still get their monthly period even after tubal ligation is done.



This is a chemical that is put in the vagina before sex to kill the sperms before they reach the egg, it is not a very effective method since it may need to be combined with other methods such as the use of a condom.

Other methods include coitus interruption, use of a diaphragm, a vaginal ring, breastfeeding and abstinence among other methods.